Interior Shutters

Plantation shutters were originally designed as an external window covering for hot climates. Now they are used internally because they offer versatility in light, ventilation and privacy simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

Interior shutter with adjustable louvers can be designed in many different styles and come in a large range of louver sizes and colours. Shutters come in many different material and price options, the quality of our lowest price shutter (Seattle) is actually as good as the premium Vancouver Range, it is lower priced because of the material used and finishing required.

The Vancouver Range

We only offer Cedar in its natural state as staining it would waste its good looks. Sorted into Natural and Medium Natural, a lighter shade, cedar delivers a stunning impression. It is used extensively in loft style apartments, barn conversions and really anywhere where you need to achieve a very natural look.

The Phoenix Range

Although a hardwood it is also very light allowing design for quite wide openings without having to resort to top tracking. This also enables us to confidently use Phoenix for large (tier on tier) installations where weight would definitely preclude the use of Seattle or similar weight hardwood shutter panels.

The Seattle Range

Maintenance free and very strong, with a wipe clean surface, impervious to kids with crayons but equally at home in the minimalist bachelor apartment.

The Hollywood Range

Made in paint finished ABS, the same material used for electric kettles, and available only in 63mm and 89mm louvers with our older styling. We have introduced this range as our other ranges are not ideal for harsh environments such as wet rooms, showers, conservatories where condensation or insect infestation could be an issue, kitchen sink windows and anywhere really that needs a tough but good looking window treatment that will last. As a roof product the Hollywood offers a degree of flexibility just not found with other treatments which generally are open or closed. (Please mention you want these for a conservatory roof when requesting an appointment.)

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